Bonus Blackjack Multi-Hand - Play Like a Pro

A game of blackjack is never too boring may it be online or through your regular casino venues. Microgaming has developed Bonus Blackjack Multi-hand to heighten your excitement and gives you something to look forward to each time you play the game. They never fail to amuse their players with vivid graphics and amazing game interface.

Back to Basics

As with all other games by Microgaming, the rules are almost identical with your favorite neighborhood blackjack table. There are only few things that you need to remember before diving in to the fun. First, those cards amounting to 10 can be split up as if they were pairs. Now, splitting is allowed up to a maximum of three times. However, an Ace can only be split once and one card is only provided - this pair then needs to stand. #/p#p Doubling down is allowed for the first two cards on the hand. You can do it after you split cards. A dealer though can peek if there is an Ace or a 10 card involved. #/p#p Before getting too pumped up with excitement, play free online games first to determine whether this is something you are comfortable dealing with. Otherwise, wasting money will then be your case. #/p#h The "Bonus" #/h#p The word bonus on the game comes from the bonus bet that you can place at the onset of each play. It then applies to the first two drawn cards. If you are lucky enough to get a Jack and an Ace - both should be spades - the payout is 50:1. #/p#p The same combination of Jack and Ace with all other types of suits can bring about a 25:1 payout. The easiest bonus can be taken from any same-suited cards which rigs 5:1. The stakes are definitely high and you can play the bonus by putting chips on the designated circle on the virtual table. The good thing is that it does not affect the outcome of the entire play either.