Solve The Big Dilema: When To Stand In Blackjack And When To Hit!

When looking at blackjack games for Canadians one of the big questions that arise is when to stand in Blackjack and when to hit.

Should the player stand in Blackjack most of the time, or be more aggressive? Consider this and the odds presented and put together a personal strategy that after testing and tweaking makes sense.

The Dealer has an Ace. This means he has a 4 out of 13 chance of getting Blackjack. He also has less chance of busting. Look to get 17 or above, a relatively good hand as the Dealer most likely will have a strong hand.

The Dealer has a Picture card or a 10. Here the Dealer has a 4 out of 13 chance of getting 20, with a 1 out of 13 chance getting Blackjack. Hit on 10-16 and stand on 17 plus.

The Dealer has a 7, 8, or 9. The dealer can possibly get 17 or above so again one needs to take a hit on anything that totals below 16. Stand on 17 plus. Whenever the Dealer gets between a 2 - 6 card, consider sticking on 12 or 13, the players winning odds are now favorable!

The best way for a player to grow in confidence is to practice the art of making decisions, it's not important that one's right all the time, as that's simply not possible with any strategy, what is important is that they don't go through the mill internally when dealt a particular card and as a subsequence freeze, that's not going to be much fun is it!

Practice as much as possible when to stand playing Blackjack. Play for small bets and play on sites that allow the player to play for free. Then when comfortable and fully relaxed with one's own little set of personal rules then put those rules to the test.

Keep some kind of log on a notepad, a record of the experiences one has already previously gone through. What cards one has stuck on, taken a hit on and the outcomes.

Once over the hump, the decision making will start to become more automatic which will be the indicator that one's moving in the right direction. Now one can play a better game knowing that the odds regardless of what they are, will be better stacked in the player's favor. Far more so than they previously would have been!