How to Win at Blackjack

The goal of blackjack is to have cards that are equal to 21 or cards closer to 21 that are greater than the dealer's cards. To help you, listed below are strategies and ways on how to win at blackjack games:

1. How to win at blackjack is a game of chance and probability because of the presence of a lot of cards that can give each players a combination that will either make them win or lose. When you have a hard hand that sums up to the criteria below, better follow the tips:

Hit the card on your hand against the dealer's up card if your cards sum up between 5 to 8.

When you have 9 in your hands, you may double against a dealer provided that the card is between 2 to six. But if the card given to you is between 7 and ace, do hit

If you have 10 in your hands double against your dealer 2 until 9

When you have 11, double against your dealer 2 until 10

Always stand when the cards on your hands are between 17 to 21

2. If you have soft hands, this is how to win at blackjack:

If your cards sum up between 13 to 15, do hit

When your cards are between 16 and 17, you may double against your dealer 2 until six, or you may hit

Double against your dealer 2 until 6, stand if between 7 or 8 or hit against 9, 10 or ace when your cards sum up to 18

If you have cards between 19 to 21, always stand

3. How to win at blackjack is not only rated by the amount of money you can take home or the intelligence you have in making strategies. It is important that you enjoy your game by:

Increasing your bet when constantly winning or do not sacrificing a lot of amount when losing

Having a good time by not being rude to the dealer and other players or leaving the game and look for other dealer when the first dealer acts rude to you

Knowing the rules of the game so you will not have a problem against the dealer and other players.

The tips mentioned above will not guarantee you can always win blackjack game since this game is a gamble of risk. The statements above will only increase your chance in winning while having good time.