A Card Counting Blackjack Strategy Happening In Front Of Your Eyes?

Don't you just admire those casino smoothies that still drift in to the casino from time to time and you just 'know' that they must have some kind of card counting Blackjack strategy? Normally, they will try to be very discreet, maybe coming to the table and standing up pretending to have a mild interest in the proceedings going on. To the players it appears just another bystander is deciding maybe whether or not he should chance his luck and nothing more. They after all are more focused on winning their hand rather than conjecture on what really may be going on behind the scenes.

When he takes his seat, you notice that although cordial and casual, his eye contact can't be broken, he's watching each and every card being dealt. No looking behind to see if a waitress will get him a drink or a little something to eat, if he's peckish, banish the thought. Even when she comes to be of service, his gaze is firmly locked on the unfolding action to hand, this guy is a pro.

You see and observe, that when he wins, he wins big, but when he loses his bets are small. His chips accumulate as each game goes by. He must have a photographic mind like the entertainers you've seen on TV, or he has a card counting Blackjack strategy tucked up his sleeve. Could that be possible? I mean it seems totally unthinkable to memorize card after card after card, yet you know that you have heard of the odd individual beating the house on a regular occasion, forcing the casino to bar them. Could you be witnessing such an individual at his game with his card counting Blackjack strategy unveiling right before your very eyes?

When card counting eventually came to light in the mid-sixties, the casinos had to move quickly to introduce measures to limit such occurrences happening. This they did by introducing multiple packs of cards instead of how the game was originally played. With the use of multiple decks it would have to make it harder or impossible to remember all cards accurately you would think. Not so for the discreet professional. As he can tell you all art forms can be learned. It's just about practice. The principle is not as difficult as it may sound, and wouldn't it be nice walking in to a casino, equipped with such a tool? Life might never be the same again.